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We provide telephony based on VoIP technology. Our connections are Internet-based, thus guaranteeing easy access. In case of office relocations we can immediately switch the connections to your new establishment. Also overflow in case of understaffing in your branch-offices, can easily be overcome by our solutions. With no additional costs for services such as *21.


Not only our connections are much cheaper, but you also benefit from the lower pricing per minute.

This results in savings of app. 35% on national calls. For companies that have many international calls, this may even be up to a 65% savings. In addition intercompany phone calls are free, all over the world.


We offer SIP trunking (connecting existing and new plants or VoIP gateway) and hosted voice solution (no own telephone exchange needed). If so desired the customer could manage this hosted solution through a web interface.


Image Call


Our platform also supports "Image Call" according to the latest standards (H.264/H.263), guaranteeing a quality of 30 frames per second.

This solution is often used for video conferencing, sign language, interpreters and telehealth for the elderly.

The technique applied guarantees in a situation in which the costs for call and subscription are no higher than those for standard VoIP calls. The current picture phone is equally suitable for handling voice calls to and from the standard public and mobile network.





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